Face Lift and Upper and Lower Blepharoplasties 2017

After extensive research I came upon Mr Platt and decided to meet him. At my consultation he gave me the time to listen to my hopes for surgery and also my concerns, in return I was given an honest and professional opinion. After full consideration I went ahead with eyelid, eye bag and “R” face and neck lift. The results are amazing, the best thing is I don’t look different but the clock has been turned back at least 10 years. My fear was that I would not look like me anymore and friends would notice, but in fact nobody has noticed just commented on how great I look. I got married 3 months after my surgery and felt and looked truly beautiful. Mr Platt, his Secretary Gale and the nursing staff at Spire Hospital, Hull took the best care of me throughout my experience from beginning to end.

Abdominoplasty 2017

Having had three caesarean sections and losing all the pregnancy weight I was left with an unsightly saggy apron of skin. This not only caused discomfort during hot weather and skin conditions but made buying clothes challenging as I had to go up a size to accommodate the apron of skin but then had too much bagginess in garments over my legs and waist. Mr Platt performed an abdominoplasty in January 2017 and 5 weeks post op I am very pleased with the result. This has exceeded my expectations and given me my body and confidence back. Mr Platt explained the procedure in detail and showed me photos pre and post surgery. I was encouraged to make contact outside of my appointments if I had any concerns (I didn’t have any). Mr Platt was non judgmental, patient and attentive in all appointments and during my inpatient stay. I had my surgery at St Hugh’s Hospital, Grimsby and everything went to plan. I would recommend Mr Platt to anyone considering this surgery.

Breast Augmentation 2016

I had my surgery in June 2016 and found Mr. Platt to be friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. The care I have received from Mr. Platt and his team from day one right through to after care has been exceptional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Platt to family and friends. Very happy with the results I have achieved from my surgery.

Breast Reduction 2016

I would like to give feedback regarding the recent breast reduction procedure I had and the people whom made the whole process a resoundingly positive experience. I cannot praise Mr Platt highly enough for the way in which he dealt with me throughout the whole breast reduction process. From the first consultation to the pre and post op visits he has explained everything in great detail, ensured I was happy with everything and answered any questions I had with great patience and understanding. The end result is absolutely wonderful and something I had only dreamed about. Thank you Mr Platt, this procedure has made a fantastic difference to my life and I only wish I had been to see you years ago!

Septorhinoplasty 2016

Amazing surgeon, down to earth, friendly and listened to exactly what I wanted. I had my septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago today and could not be happier. My operation was at the Spire Hospital in Anlaby and the whole experience in general was great. Would highly recommend Alastair Platt to everybody.

Breast Reduction 2016

Listened to concerns, discussed op and outcome in detail. Very good customer manner, friendly and very approachable

Rhinoplasty 2016

Mr platt is amazing. He's changed my life. I've just had my three month follow up appointment and my nose was hideous before and now it's straight and I can breathe out of both sides. I no longer feel ashamed of my nose. The result is better than I ever dreamed would be possible.

Breast Augmentation 2016

I had my had my BA surgery in June 2016, I chose Mr Platt after looking at his credentials online and can say he has lived up to them, I have found him to be very professional and informative about any questions or worries I may have had. He is very friendly and seems to truly care. The care I received from Mr Platt and his team at Spire Hull and East Riding has been excellent from day one to the after care I have received. I would have no hesitation recommending Mr Platt to family and friends.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery 2016

Mr Platt treated me at the Spire Hospital for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, from the moment I met him he put me at ease with his friendly manner and I felt he had time to listen to any concerns I may have had, I would have know hesitation in recommending Alastair Platt to anyone.

Skin Lesion removal 2016

I recently had to undergo two small facial procedures under the care of Mr Platt and his very professional team at St Hugh’s Hospital Grimsby. In my opinion this surgeon (and gentleman) is the top of his profession and I am so pleased that I found him.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery 2015

Despite being in some pain, he made me feel that he understood my predicament and was able to offer a solution. His approach was both compassionate and comforting. As to the surgery this was carried out under a local anaesthetic. The team of people working with him were relaxed and professional and I found this very reassuring. The result of the two procedures was unbelievable as I was able to at last sleep without being woken up with pain. Early days yet but but my life has improved immensely and I judge the experience of being treated by Mr Platt a success. I am very grateful.

Fleur de Lys Abdominoplasty and Gynaecomastia surgery 2014

Mr Platt really took time to listen & fully explain everything, which gave me confidence in him and the procedure to be carried out. Both before and after the operation I always felt that I could ask him anything, that he did not talk down to me and that he really gave the best care possible. The results of my fleur de Lys abdominoplasty and gynaecomastia are absolutely amazing and I cannot praise Mr Platt highly enough. I actually feel like he is a friend.

Breast Enlargement 2014

I went to the Spire because my auntie had a procedure there and highly recommended it, it's a lovely hospital and also the staff really do take care of you. I had been wanting a breast enlargement since I can remember I have never liked the way they looked they were flat, large nipples and uneven sizes. When I booked my consultation I was nervous and scared but as soon as I sat down with Mr Platt I felt comfortable. He made sure I understood the procedure and the complications and never made me feel pressured into making a decision there and then, he made sure I thought about it and gave me information I needed. I have never felt this happy I am in love with the new me, I never thought I would have a good pair of breasts! Mr Platt is the best and I would definitely recommend him, if I ever want another procedure he would be the surgeon I call.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) 2014

Throughout my consultation before my operation, the operation itself and my post-op appointments I have always felt that Mr Platt was approachable, profess ional and caring and had my best interests in mind at all times. He put me at ease regarding the operation and answered all the questions that I had. The care that I received was above what I was expecting and the results have exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Platt to others requiring surgery.

Breast Reduction 2014

I am so pleased with my breast reduction Mr Platt did it has turned my life around. I have got more confidence; I can buy bras out of the shops now instead of having to order them. I can buy clothes that fit now. I would like to thank Mr Platt and his team for such a wonderful job.

Face lift and eyelid surgery 2014

My first meeting with Mr Platt was when I booked a consultation with him to ask about facial cosmetic surgery. He asked what I didn’t like about my face, he gave me a few options, suggestions, to go away and think about. I cannot stress enough that you are under no pressure to have anything done. He is a very kind considerate man and will put you at ease on your first meeting. Finally I decided on a MACS facelift, upper and lower eyes, and a neck lift, which I had done at the Spire Anlaby. It’s a very hard decision to make when your looking for a trusted Surgeon to perform facial surgery on yourself. I can tell you from experience, Mr Platt is an amazing Surgeon with brilliant surgical skills, the best decision I made was to ask Mr Platt to do my surgery. From consultation through to full recovery he and his staff are always there for you. Thank you so very much Mr Platt, I haven’t felt or looked this good for years.

Mastopexy and Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) 2013

Mr Platt, has done surgery on my breasts and tummy, as pictured on website, I'm very, very happy with the results, I would recommend him to anyone, as I've done a few times in the past and present day, I asked him to level my breasts and even out the nipple shape, and make nipples smaller, I asked him to give my breasts a lift but keep it appropriate with my age so they still looked naturally lifted not fake, I opted for no implants and I also had a tummy tuck which I am very pleased with, I'm quite happy for Mr Platt to give my phone number to potential serious clients, so they can speak to some one who as been positively delighted with his work , the before and after care was absolutely brilliant.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) 2013

I had a tummy tuck due to me being really self-conscious of the overlap of skin after my c section. I decided to use Mr Platt as my surgeon. On my consultation he made me feel at ease and was very helpful in giving me advice about the procedure. I was really pleased with the results and my stomach looks normal again. I now feel much more confident in everyday life. I would recommend to anybody for him to do the surgery.

Breast Augmentation 2013

After breastfeeding 3 children my breast tissue and volume had reduced dramatically and I wanted to feel like a woman again. I booked into a consultation where Mr Platt went into more detail about the operation and gave me a chance to ask any questions. The operation went very well and I was extremely happy with the result. With having the operation at the Spire Hospital I was only a short drive away so if I had needed to see Mr Platt it would have been easy to get in touch.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) 2013

After losing almost 8 stone I was left with lose hanging skin and a horrible jelly belly. I was left wanting to disappear into the back ground of life as I never felt happy or satisfied in my clothes, always hiding my belly in baggy tops and oversized trousers/skirts which helped disguise my jelly belly and constant muffin top. After a great deal of research I decided to meet Mr Platt. His approach was warm and assuring and I felt he understood exactly what I wanted to achieve from the surgery. Throughout the entire process Mr Platt was caring, professional and a real gentleman I felt well informed and aware of the required aftercare following surgery. I really can’t thank Mr Platt enough for helping me achieve this new outlook and zest for life.

Breast Augmentation 2013

After having weight loss surgery I was left with excess skin which resulted in me having low self esteem. After a consultation with Mr Platt he advised me about Breast Augmentation. The surgery went well and apart from a little pain and discomfort the recovery also went well. The before and aftercare were both very good and Mr Platt made me feel at ease throughout. Since my breast augmentation I feel so much better about myself and I am happy with the results.

Rhinoplasty 2012

Mr Platt was recommended to myself by a good friend who is in the medical industry, when I first met him at the initial consultation I felt totally at ease and extremely happy with all the information he provided me with and went straight ahead and booked in for him to perform my rhinoplasty. His approachability is brilliant nothing was ever to much both pre and post surgery and as for his surgical skills absolutely amazing. The end result well what can I say other than the best decision I have ever made. An amazing guy who is fantastic at his job thank you Mr Platt.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) 2012

In December 2012 I had an abdominoplasty at the Spire hospital in Hull under the care of Mr Platt. I am absolutely delighted with the result. Mr Platt was so professional and caring, he explained the whole procedure to me and showed me some before and after photos of previous surgery which he had done. He also explained all of the risks and things which may go wrong and how I would be after the operation. After being examined and deemed suitable for the surgery, I decided to go ahead with it. I was very confident that I had chosen the right surgeon and almost one year later I know I made the right decision. Mr Platt is my hero and I would recommend him to everyone.

Breast Augmentation 2012

I went to the Spire in Anlaby to one of their open nights where I met Mr Platt. He explained the procedure very clearly without using too much medical lingo. I felt very confident and assured with him so I booked a private consultation. I explained what I wanted and he advised me on the size of implants he would use. I felt very at ease with him and satisfied that I had made the right choice. My operation was performed and I was able to go home the next day. I had no bruising and no discomfort and was extremely pleased with my new breasts. I chose to stay local as I felt that if any problems occurred I didn’t have to be far away from my home and my family. Also my lack of bruising was down to the fact that Mr Platt is very gentle surgeon.

Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty), Mastopexy, Thigh Lift 2010

I first met Mr Platt in 2006 after I had lost a significant amount of weight and had four children which had resulted in extreme saggy skin on my tummy which was hindering my exercise regime and causing me skin problems. He performed an abdominoplasty and my life (and my body!) was literally transformed. I had so much more confidence and for the first time in years I felt attractive again. Despite being nervous, Mr Platt instilled me with confidence and was so professional, courteous and caring that I had no hesitation in booking 'Round 2' of my transformation under his care. In February 2010 I underwent a mastopexy and a thigh lift. I am very happy with the results already and I am looking forward to the Summer! I can highly recommend Mr Platt for his professionalism and his surgical skill and the service provided by his secretary; Gale and the whole hospital team!